The Most common questions and myth’s asked about Disc Jockey services

Q. Why are some DJ’s prices so low and some so high?

A. Usually the better or more experienced DJ’s can ask for more money because they are in high demand, have more referrals, and invest more into their equipment and music library. Where as cheaper DJ’s are less experienced, use lesser equipment and don’t invest as much as we do into their music. Keep in mind per weddingchannel.com the national average for Wedding Entertainment is $1,036.00.

Q. How can I guarantee that my DJ will do a great job and fulfill my wedding expectations?

A. Sight and Sound Productions guarantees the DJ you meet with while planning be the DJ at your reception. We will meet with you to personally plan and coordinate the reception format and music to within a fifteen minute increment time schedule, so you know exactly what your DJ’s planned performance is going to be. It’s important to meet with your wedding DJ personally, as there are many types of DJs available. We also only book 2-3 weddings per week, and only per day, to ensure your day goes exactly as planned.  We pledge that we will play all your mandatory music, be timely and professionally dressed, and guarantee a flawless audio performance or we will refund your money. * (If an equipment failure occurs, the amount of down time will be divided by the total time and cost and the appropriate portion will be refunded.) And there is no need to worry about failures – we carry a full back up for each system.

Q. Do I want the Best DJ or the Cheapest DJ : The Basic Law of Economics

A. It’s important that you be honest with yourself when shopping for a wedding DJ. There is a value to a higher quality experience. However, we are happy to find a package to suit your needs as well as your budget.

Q. I’ve heard horror stories from friends about bad DJ’s ruining their reception – yikes!

A. Another important factor when choosing your wedding vendors is research. Many other DJ services available are over-booked, and have inexperienced DJs running many of their shows. Owner DJ Chuck Hren has over 20 years DJ experience. All of the DJs on Sight and Sound Productions teams mentor for a minimum of a two year period as a co-host, and also work bars and nightclubs 2-3 days per week for a period of two years before they host a wedding solo.

Sight and Sound Productions also prides itself on catering to the wishes of each bride and groom we work with. We cater to your musical tastes, and we always welcome requests.

Q. I want my wedding to be fun, I want people dancing and having a good time!

A. We are here to cater to your musical wishes, and we love bringing the party! We encourage you to contact us to set up a time for you to come see one of our shows in person, prior to booking, so that we can show you live and in person the type of show that we put on. We can guarantee, you will not be disappointed!

Q. Are we supposed to tip our DJ, and how much is appropriate?

A. If you are pleased with our service, gratuity will happily be accepted solely at your discretion. 15% is typical. We take it as a personal thank you and a handshake for a job well done at the end of an amazing night.

Q: How can I be sure the show will go on?

A: Each of our system has two (not one!) CD Players and two amplifiers! A complete back-up system within in every system!

Q: How can we make our wedding the best experience possible?

A: For an additional cost you can have a second professional DJ added to your wedding package. The Ultimate Wedding Package includes a second DJ at no additional cost.

Q: Do I need to be concerned about how much space your equipment will take?

A: Sight and Sound Productions sound systems are set up to accommodate any size space at any location of your reception. Rest assured, we will work with your wedding facility to ensure a great fit.

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